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Thursday, September 11, 2008

join Mylot and learn and earn a Lot

Hi friendz MyLot is a fast growing community where you are paid for your valuable contributions and at the same time u can have a lot of fun.
Itz like this u can start many discussions in your area of interest like movies,music,games,orkut and lots more and according to the responses given by other other peoples u will earn money.
U can even upload photos to earn money...itz very fun where u get many friendz and they are ready to help u anytime for u to earn money...
Also u can even help peoples by giving answers to their queries...
started only a few years back the poplulation of mylot is approximately 147,200 and it really a fast growing communtiy...

u also earn money for referrals i.e 25% of the money earned by the referral is been credited to you...
join soon in mylot and have fun earning
use this link to join mylot


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