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Friday, October 10, 2008

Virgin to start space tourisim

Get ready to pack your bags and fly beyond the skies yeah virgin airlines founder "Richard Branson" has planned and decided to form a new age of commercial space tourism

The company hopes to start flights to space within 2 years and they have chosen UAE to build their first spaceport with their operating base in New Mexico.The companies president "Will Whitehorn" said that the weather conditions in UAE would be good for the space travel for the whole year.He also said that it will be good view of the oceans deserts land and mountains from the space.
For now more than 254 virgin galactic tickets have been sold world wide and 36$ million of deposits have been paid to reserve tickets.

Do u guess how much is the ticket price for the space travel???
Its only $200,000 :P So if u got enough money reserve your tickets.
The space travellers will be given 3 days of pre flight preparation and training and it was also said that for some 1 or 2 years test flights will be completed before they are commercially launched.
Also they planned to extend their spaceports in UK,Spain and also in some Asia pacific region.Richard Branson the billionaire will be the first passenger to do space travel.

No doubts in the future space visit will be a piece of cake :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween nights


Our world has seen many celebration but one of the scariest and haunted festival is going to start this October 31st which is nothing but the Halloween festival.Being in UK now i saw many scary costumes in shops like skeletons,witches,devils and many scary toys and i wondered why they are selling these kinds of dresses and after that i came to know about the festival "Halloween".Now lets us get to know something about this festival.
All Hallow's Even is usually called as Halloween where Even is the abbrevaition for evening which is celebrated in the eve of the "All Hallows day" or the "All Saints Day".
This is the story behind Halloween Celts believe that in the winter darkness on that night the barrier between the human world and the spirit world will be weak and they believe these spirits will be seen in the earth so they make bonfires to frighten the spirits away and they danced and frightened the spirit away.This story is now celebrated as Halloween...
In the Halloween night people wear scary costumes like zombies,devils,skeletons,witches,ghosts,watching scary movies,visiting haunted house playing games like apple bobbing.The Halloween night is also called as mischief night The pumpkin with a candle inside is a symbol for the Halloween festival.Halloween is celebrated in Europe US Mexico Canada Newzealand and also in Australia.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Construction of the world largest fountain in Dubai
Model photos of the fountain

This fountain will be 25% larger than the Iconic fountains in Las Vegas and the total project is estimated to about $218 million.The Emaar properties is responsible for this construction.The incredible fountain will also include spectacular light and music show.20,000 gallons of water will be shot in the air accompanied by selected music with 1000 different water expressions.

The monstrous fountain is expected to be operational in 2009....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Solar Eclipse

It was a great show by the huge guys the Sun and the moon in the sky today.It was a total solar eclipse and it was visible in parts of china,Canada, northern Greenland, the Arctic, central Russia and Mongolia.It will move across the planet in a narrow path that begins in Canada's northern territory of Nunavut and ends in northern China's Silk Road region at sunset, according to NASA.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun and blocks it completely from the earth and it is an amazing sight.

To watch the eclipse visit the link below

The next total solar eclipses are predicted to occur in
2009 July 22 and in 2010 11

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Worlds Special days and how u peoples celebrate ur festivals?

World Special Days
January - The world celebrates New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Epiphany, and Jewish New Year of the Trees
February - Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Purim and President's Day
March - Lent, St. David's Day, International Women's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Sizdeh Bedar
April - April Fool's Day, Passover, Easter Sunday, Earth Day, St. George's Day
May - Cinco de Mayo, Victoria Day, Mother's Day, Santa Cruzen Day, Memorial Day
June - Father's Day, Summer Soltice, Midsummer's Day/Eve
July - Fourth of July, Tanabata
August - The Assumption of Mary, Hiroshima Day, Raksa Bandhan
September - Grandparents Day, Autumn Equinox, International Day of Peace
October - Yom Kippur, Octoberfest, Ramadan
November - All Saint's/Soul's Day, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day
December - Advent, Chanukah, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, St. Stephen's Day, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah

Me Being a Hindu Diwali festival is a very special day for us.It is known as a festival of lights.Thousands of lights,candle lamps make the day brighter.In the night extensive fireworks make the dark sky very brighter and it is a great fun to watch.We believe this festival would bring prosperity success and happiness in life...

How do you peoples celebrate your festival?...Please Share in this blog :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Illusions - Negative Image converted to Actual Image

Hi everyone,i love to watch illusions and many eye tricks and i like to share one of the cool eye tricks which i saw recently with u peoples...Like the Jesus eye trick which i posted before this illusion is also so cool and unbelievable...

Stare at the negative picture for 30 seconds or more then see the blank area.In a short time you will see the actual image of the negative in the blank area..

Did you like this illusion?..If so give me some comment on this illusion :)

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hi guys try this Hamachi software. Hamachi is a virtual private network application which enables to provide a connection between computers through internet...Actually to say it establishes a connection between computers that are far behind Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall which appears like computers being connected in a LAN. It requires no additional configuration as it works with your existing firewall only.

Gamers knows a lot about hamachi as it is mainly used to play multiplayer games like WarCraft, Counter Strike,Age of Empires, Need For Speed etc. Sharing files and resources and remote desktop control with remote desktop,onlince chat can also be done using hamachi. It is very simple to use and also safe. Hamachi is free to download and if you want to get a premium account where you can experience more performance.

To Download Hamachi
Visit https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/vpn.asp?lang=en

It is easy to install also
If any doubt about hamachi,you are free to ask me :) Hope i can help you...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bree Lee a Fashion Icon

Some more entertaining news...
Australian Cricketer Brett lee has decided to launch his own line of men's underwear and model them himself.He has collaborated with Bruno Schiavi a fashion designer to develop a range of y-fronts,boxers,trunks and sleepwear in organic cotton and bamboo fibres which will be made available in stores by August.Brett Lee wanted to create his collection that is cool,sporty and also affordable.He also said that other brands were worth $35 and $45 for a pair of briefs and this is not affordable to 16 and 17 year old kids..so he said that they are going to make briefs with highest quality for under $10.

Brett lee has long term interest in fashion which made him to launch his own mens underwear range.Bruno Schiavi compared Brett lee to soccer superstar and fashion icon David Beckham and he also said "Brett Lee is an amazing cricket player but also I think he's like the guy next door, he's very clean cut, he's very much like Beckham".
Lee will model for the underwear himself in ads.Lee said the underwear will be retail for between $12.99 and $16.99 and will be sold in every Big Wear stores and updated every three months.

Design and Play your own pinball game

Hi friends,here is a news for all pinball lovers.There is a pinball simulation software where you can design and play your own pinball game in real time 3D gaming experience.
we can design our pinball table by adding our own objects such as lights,bumpers,triggers,gates,targets,flippers etc which are available in many different models.We can also add music to our pinball table which will be more entertaining while playing.

To download this pinball simulation software visit

Its a free software

Blogger man :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Magic=David Blaine

One of my favourite past times is to watch several magic tricks in youtube.So I like to say something about my favourite magician David Blaine.One thing which attracts me is unlike other magicians who performs magic in stage but David Blaine does magic so close to people in local streets of Newyork city,Atlantic city,Dallas,Sanfrancisco,compton and Mojave Desert only recorded by a small crew with handheld cameras.

Some of David Blaine's Street magic tricks are

Voodoo Ash Trick
Card thru window
Voodoo Spirit writing
Arm twisting Illusion
Money Making Magic Trick
Cigarette thru coin
Mind Reading magic
Coin bite trick
Chicken trick (my favourite one.. u guys must watch this video in youtube)
Healed and Sealed
Coffee to coins(beggar gets richer...watch youtube)
and many more...

Behind all these magics there may be some tricks but unless they r carefully researched they are mind Blowing magics.SO dont try to do research on these tricks lets only enjoy those tricks..

Some of the other David Blaine's record breaking stunts are
Buried Alive
Frozen in Time
Above the Below
Drowned Alive

He has no fear for Death and he invites death in each of his record breaking stunts.

Fortune favours the Brave=David Blaine

Stare at the Picture below and Tell me what u see

Follow the Instructions below carefully
1. Stare at the 4 little dots on the middle of the picture for 30 seconds
2. then look at a wall near you
3. a bright spot will appear
4. twinkle a few times and you‘ll see a figure
5. Tell me What do you see? Or even WHO do you see?

Blogger Man :)

Lack Of Cricket Grounds 4r us

A sad news for us.Me and my friends have a Huge huge huge passion for Cricket so we play Cricket in grounds(wastelands where we make our pitches to play) on every sunday morning.We are not trained cricketers but we are better players...How we are better players??...We can hit the ball in the bat atleast in 6 strikes and like fortune favours the brave some of our brave strikes may even go to boundaries.

Now come to my sad story...Before some 5 years back there where many waste lands near to our residential area itself but now these are being occupied by many high buildings.Bcos of this we travelled some 8kms away from our house and we got a better ground to play.The ground is huge enough and there will be some 5 to 6 pitches and we got our own pitch for our group to play..Many Cricket loving peoples like us will cum there and play.We had a very good time there for the past 3 years ..lots of friendly tournaments,lot of winnings,lot of quarrels and clashes,etc..but its all in the game.

But now those happytimes are gone...half of the ground are being occupied by Companies and they filled the land with huge rocks and sand,making not suitable to play cricket in those place anymore.

Bcos of this a lacking situation for ground has been created and other groups who dont have anymore pitches in the ground occupies our pitch before v cum.All we can do is to fight for our pitch and if it fails we have to just join them and play.The other option v have is to occupy the ground by going early morning around 5.30A.M itself...Sacrificing our sleep juz for our cricket

Soon the remaining grounds may be occupied by many companies and the next option we have is to play Cricket in EA SPORTS Cricket 200x or in Brian LARA Cricket or anyother PC Cricket game... :(
A cry from a cricket lover

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

End of the World (rumour or real)?

Scientific experts from around the world are genuinely predicting that five years from now, all life on Earth could well finish. Some are saying it'll be humans that set it off. Others believe that a natural phenomenon will be the cause. And the religious folks are saying it'll be God himself who presses the stop button...
7 reasons the world will end in december 2012

1. Mayan calendar
The first mob to predict 2012 as the end of the world were the Mayans, a bloodthirsty race that were good at two things:
Building highly accurate astrological equipment out of stone and
Sacrificing Virgins.
Thousands of years ago they managed to calculate the length of the lunar moon as 329.53020 days, only 34 seconds out. The Mayan calendar predicts that the Earth will end on December 21, 2012. Given that they were pretty close to the mark with the lunar cycle, it's likely they've got the end of the world right as well.
2.Sun Storms

Solar experts from around the world monitoring the sun have made a startling discovery: our sun is in a bit of strife. The energy output of the sun is, like most things in nature, cyclic, and it's supposed to be in the middle of a period of relative stability. However, recent solar storms have been bombarding the Earth with so much radiation energy, it's been knocking out power grids and destroying satellites. This activity is predicted to get worse, and calculations suggest it'll reach its deadly peak sometime in 2012
3.The Atom Smasher
Scientists in Europe have been building the world's largest particle accelerator. Basically its a 27km tunnel designed to smash atoms together to find out what makes the Universe tick. However, the mega-gadget has caused serious concern, with some scientists suggesting that it's properly even a bad idea to turn it on in the first place. They're predicting all manner of deadly results, including mini black holes. So when this machine is fired up for its first serious experiment in 2012, the world could be crushed into a super-dense blob the size of a basketball.
4.The Bible Says
If having scientists warning us about the end of the world isn't bad enough,religious folks are getting in on the act aswell. Interpretations of the Christian Bible reveal that the date for Armageddon, the final battle between Good an Evil, has been set down for 2012. The I Ching, also known as the Chinese book of Changes, says the same thing, as do various sections of the Hindu teachings.
5.Super Volcano
Yellowstone National Park in the United States is famous for its thermal springs and Old Faithful geyser. The reason for this is simple - it's sitting on top of the world's biggest volcano, and geological experts are beginning to get nervous sweats. The Yellowstone volcano has a pattern of erupting every 650,000 years or so, and we're many years overdue for an explosion that will fill the atmosphere with ash, blocking the sun and plunging the Earth into a frozen winter that could last up to 15,000 years. The pressure under the Yellowstone is building steadily, and geologists have set 2012 as a likely date for the big bang.
6.The Physicists
This one's case of bog-simple maths mathematics. Physicists at Berekely Uni have been crunching the numbers. and they've determined that the Earth is well overdue for a major catastrophic event. Even worse, they're claiming their calculations prove, that we're all going to die, very soon - while also saying their prediction comes with a certainty of 99 percent- and 2012 just happens to be the best guess as to when it occurs.
We all know the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that sheilds us from most of the sun's radiation. What you might not know is that the magnetic poles we call north and south have a nasty habit of swapping places every 750,000 years or so - and right now we're about 30,000 years overdue. Scientists have noted that the poles are drifting apart roughly 20-30kms each year, much faster than ever before, which points to a pole-shift being right around the corner. While the pole shift is underway, the magnetic field is disrupted and will eventually disappear, sometimes for up to 100 years. The result is enough UV outdoors to crisp your skin in seconds, killing everything it touches.

Will the earth really going to end or it is just a rumour?
I personally believe that the earth will never die
tell ur comments
BLogger Man :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

EPL to take on IPL

After the popularity of IPL the ECB announced their plans for an English Premier League Twenty20 tournament.The England and Wales Cricket Board has announced a new structure for domestic cricket beginning in the summer of 2010.

* The English Premier League will include 18 first-class counties and two teams from abroad
* They will be split into two divisions, with promotion and relegation of two or three teams
* A finals weekend will determine first division champions and promotion
* The competition will take place in June, with counties playing five home games and four away
* Number of overseas players to be determined
* The Twenty20 League, for all 18 counties, will run mainly on Friday nights in July, August and September
* The top two will qualify for the Champions League
* A 50-over competition will continue, perhaps based on the Friends Provident Trophy
* Four-day, two-division County Championship will continue — possibly with fewer than 16 games

"Cricket is a business and it must be treated as a business, and as any other business it must make a profit."

Blogger Man :)

Forbidden Kingdom

Forbidden Kingdom is a 2008 Hollywood martial arts-adventure film from Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company directed by Rob Minkoff. It is the first film to star together two of the best-known names in the martial arts film genre,Jackie Chan and Jet Li Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The action sequences were choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping.

Download Forbidden Kingdom

Download from torrent

Yours Entertainer
Blogger Man :P

Counter Strike Clans and Servers

This Game has made such a hype that there are more than 500 clans in India playing counter strike in steam,Hamachi,GGclient and also in many gaming networks.Many Counter Strike Tourneys and Competitions has made this game even more interesting.

Tourneys in India
World Cyber Games(WCG)
World GameMaster Tournament(WGT)
Electronic Sports World Cup(ESWC)

Some of the Top clans in India
A+E, D5, 3GP, S|T|R, XCD, Wolf, MakeWay

There are many gaming servers in India provided by the I.G.L and V-Street and even there are many dedicated servers where many gamers show their gaming skills.

If you have a Clan tell your Clan name in this post and tell us something interesting about your clan and if your clan have any server also give the name of the server

Tell us in the comments below
Blogger Man :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ballz the all time favourite of many peoples follows the adventures of Goku,along with the Z warriors,defends the Earth against Evil.The action packed adventures are entertaining and reinforces the concept of good versus evil.Dragon Ball Z teaches valuable character virtues such as teamwork,loyalty,and trustworthiness.

In each sagas the way our heros defeat the evil are so cool.Starting from vegeta saga to the end of Buu saga the action burst rises.Especially the Frieza Cell and Buu saga are action packed.

The Innocense of Goku,the pride of Vegeta and picollo affection towards gohan all these things make even more interesting.

Click Below to play Dragon Ballz
Dragon Ball Z Tournament

Flash Games for CS

Hi CS lovers,get ready to play the Counter Strike Flash game and get entertained
Have Fun

Flash Strike

For more CS flash game Click the Icon below

Please tell your comments...

Blogger Man:)

Counter Strike

Hi Counter Strike Lovers,We have done a lot pro performance gaming in Cs and everyone saying n1,sexy shot,gud shot etc but do we know the creators.Sumguys may have known,like how I searched in google for this Post :P Now for those who dont know its time to know about them.CS is Originated from a HalfLife Modification by Minh Le(Nick Name Gooseman) and Jess Cliffe(Nick Name cliffe).

A Picture Of them

Left gooseman and Right Cliffe.The great Creators of CS...

Thanks to these guys for there lovely Creation of CS.

Do You guys Know more information about Counter Strike then Please share with us

Blog Man :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Watch Kunfu Panda

Ultimate Action Comedy
Po the Panda is the laziest animals in all of the Valley of Peace, but unwittingly becomes the chosen one when enemies threaten their way of life.

Watch Trailer:

Download :

To download in torrent visit the site below

Have fun,for more animated movies ask in this blog..
yours entertainer
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