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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween nights


Our world has seen many celebration but one of the scariest and haunted festival is going to start this October 31st which is nothing but the Halloween festival.Being in UK now i saw many scary costumes in shops like skeletons,witches,devils and many scary toys and i wondered why they are selling these kinds of dresses and after that i came to know about the festival "Halloween".Now lets us get to know something about this festival.
All Hallow's Even is usually called as Halloween where Even is the abbrevaition for evening which is celebrated in the eve of the "All Hallows day" or the "All Saints Day".
This is the story behind Halloween Celts believe that in the winter darkness on that night the barrier between the human world and the spirit world will be weak and they believe these spirits will be seen in the earth so they make bonfires to frighten the spirits away and they danced and frightened the spirit away.This story is now celebrated as Halloween...
In the Halloween night people wear scary costumes like zombies,devils,skeletons,witches,ghosts,watching scary movies,visiting haunted house playing games like apple bobbing.The Halloween night is also called as mischief night The pumpkin with a candle inside is a symbol for the Halloween festival.Halloween is celebrated in Europe US Mexico Canada Newzealand and also in Australia.


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